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SKINMASK’s addictive melodies and anthematic hooks are served up by multi-lingual vocalist Laz, with his gritty angst. The dual guitar power consists of Mike “T-Dog” Trenholm on Lead, and FossFace on Rhythm. The bottom end pulsates through the thundering fingers of Bassist and founding member, Christophe Liglet, who also programs the primal and intoxicating electronica driving every song. All things percussive are handled by time-keeper Clark Skelton on drums. His hard-hitting rock and tribal rhythms are punctuated by a cool yet primal playing style.

SKINMASK has been described as metal, rock, dance, industrial, and any other number of the things, but the one thing it is not, is boring. With wicked vocals that make you want to sing along, bass lines that guide the rhythmic patterns of blood flow, guitar riffs that electrify every nerve, and drums that set the body in motion to the beat of war, this sound is addictively infectious. As one fan put it, it can be described as “tribal, intense, and fun.”

In 2012 SKINMASK took their high-energy show on the road and completed a four month tour of the US, expanding beyond their passionate LA fanbase. They were part of a national radio campaign. SKINMASK’s first single was “SKINMASK (Day After Day)” from its debut EP, SKINMASK. Over the past 18 months the band has played shows in Hawaii, and has been making frequent trips
to Northern California, while continuing to tear up the stage in Los Angeles.

SKINMASK has been writing and rehearsing new material with plans to be back in the studio this summer. Be on the lookout for a new release by the end of 2014.