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Created to stand apart from the norm, our designs forge their mark on the world’s jewelry landscape! Adapting to the everyday market is not something the founders of Mandatory Merchandise USA are so willing to adhere to very easily! The artistic creations brought forth by our design team are no match for any jeweler near or a far. We at Mandatory Merch have gone the extra distance to give you a cut above when it comes to custom one-off designs.

We give you the customers, the opportunity to express your own personal artistic spin by bringing to life any design ideas you have stirring around in your head. We are the definition of different, with our ambigram designed rings, custom heavy duty one-of-a-kind belt buckles, one-off dog tags, not to mention the designs we have created for our many, amazing affiliates, true rock stars of their game. Here are a few of the more notable, to name some: Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic 4, etc.., BoonDock Saints the movie, John Force Racing, Kid Rock (purchaser of Life/Death ambigram ring), Producer/Photographer Dean Karr (purchaser of Life/Death ambigram ring).

We pride our company on true 100% American creativity and freedom in all of our designs, created and produced right here in the good ole’ U.S of A. The backbones of our designs are embedded in our final appeal, to stand apart and create our own line of custom pieces unlike any other. Make your mark on the world,”Join the Revolt” become part of a new direction in evolution with Mandatory Merchandise USA! You Dream it We Build it!

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