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Words of encouragement during this difficult time

As we wait for life to return to normal

Will it.

We have all learned a huge lesson

We had enough, we were enough, and we are God’s people

I think we get now when he says enough is enough, he meant it

Can we understand.

As we watch the headlines, he takes the ones wanting  no longer to suffer, home with him

God continues to watch over us.

We are to rest, we are to love, we are to pray,  we are to give thanks.

What do we pray for.

A normal life again…what is that.

To stomp the beaches,  be right about the will of freedom

Will we continue the sickness to be spread

Is it not possible

God gave each leader the wisdom to lead

They are to do their jobs, he gave them the strength

And we should abide

That’s all we have to do

Today is today , and this is now normal

There is no going back, but we must continue to move forward

It’s all we can do, move forward,

Live the best we can, In today, and then tomorrow

As we conform to normal, there has to be some excitement for the future

What we can create ours to be, and how we will live as well

To understand this, then there is nothing to fear

There is nothing to be anxious about

There is nothing to worry about

Just a day at a time

Really think what normal is







Did you feel it?

Today, now

As we move forward

Be appreciative



and thankful , for his everlasting change

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